Lillian Blades, Linda Costa & Roni Nicole Henderson

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Lillian Blades

Visual Artist – Patch-worked Illuminations

404.454.4488   1409 Park Ave. SE, Atlanta, GA, 30315


I have always been interested in the process of assembling materials and objects in a patch-work manner that would transform or create a space. I love working with a variety of medium, from the very permanent such as stained glass and copper to more common items such as plastic bags, tape and staples.  I’m originally a painter who decided to use the physicality of the canvas as a framework to build 3-dimensional structures. Taking that same approach, I created concrete based mosaics using reflective tiles that were reminiscent of ‘Memory Jars’. Through my experience using translucent materials I began exploring with the way light reflects and illuminates by passing onto and through such materials. The resulting effects of light used in my work remind me of the feelings I have in the midst of a Junkanoo parade. I’ve chosen to employ sewing in my work both for the physical support it creates as well as to pay homage to my mom, a seamstress who passed during my childbirth, as well as to honor all the mothers, quilters and unrecognized craft artists who laboriously work with their hands. I was born in 1973 in Nassau, Bahamas where I grew up until I left for Art School in 1993. I received a BFA in Painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 1996 and an MFA in Painting from Georgia State in 2000. I also studied at the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine in 1999 and Caversham in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa in 2007. My art has been shown in solo and group exhibitions throughout the United States, as well as the Bahamas, Trinidad, Germany, and South Africa. My work has been commissioned for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, The East Atlanta Library, and Jean Young Middle School. My art can be found in the collection of The Birmingham Museum of Art and The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.

Linda Costa Photography

. . . capture your soul . . .

404.454.6257   2401 Windy Hill Rd #2423E, Marietta, GA, 30067

My photographs are light painted portraits- long exposures created in complete darkness using controlled lighting. All the special effects achieved in my images are done in the moment of taking the photograph, using experimental lighting techniques, not computer graphics. Each image takes between 2-5 minutes to create, while some may take as long as 15-30 minutes in order to achieve particular effects. These longer exposures allow me to create multiple people out of a single person, to add a feeling of time passing or movement in a single shot, and to create amazing special effects before your very eyes, in the moment of creation.  I am passionate about my creative process, and have been commissioned for personal and commercial needs such as Album Art, Book Covers, and Fine Art Prints. I’m also known for performing my light painting at live events, where I can create images and share them with the public instantly. In these performances my work is fueled by the energy the audience shares. My unique process captures the essence of the subject I’m working with, creating images that are magical, colorful and bold.  I’m a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and credit my tropical roots for my love of people, color and movement. I reside in Atlanta, GA with my husband and my daughter, where I participate in various exhibitions and events throughout the year.


Roni Nicole Henderson
Filmmaker | moving pictures |

404.551.7996   687 Durant Place #1, Atlanta, GA, 30308

Roni Nicole makes moving pictures.  Not just because they are pretty.  Pretty is nice, but for her, beauty is a means to reach another goal: the creation of change, even an inch will do. Through filmmaking, Roni strives to capture the profound in the everyday messages around us, a practice she learned at the foot of a master tale-weaver, her Grandmother.  Left to imagine the faces and the environments of her Grandmother’s dynamic characters, Roni decided that these dynamic and complex folks deserved a life visualized, painted in ways that would carry their acts of heroism, unconditional love, cowardice, and even confusion out into the world.  Armed with this mission, Roni packed up an English teaching career and headed for film school to harness her storytelling weapons of choice: the camera and a mastery of both light and shadow.  She now works with a team of truly anointed artists, intent on rediscovering the mystical in our world, the high magic that has the power to truly move and restore us.  Roni is the recipient of an Idea Capital Atlanta Grant for Outdoor Experimental Video Projections (2011-2012 Grant Cycle) and a 2012 Wonderroot Walthall Fellow. M.F.A., Film and Television, Savannah College of Art and Design, 2008
B.A., English/Education, Clark Atlanta University, 2002

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