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Help us to “Raise it Up” at Dilla Day in Detroit

Honor the Legacy of J Dilla!

Greetings I am Ms. Dia, and I am one of the organizers of Dilla Day in the A.

Here’s Ms. Dia at a Dilla Day in the A.

Since 2009, the Atlanta Hip-Hop & Soul community  has gathered to recognize the life of celebrated Hip-Hop producer/DJ/rapper JamesJ DillaYancey through a series of celebratory and community service events known as  “Dilla Day In The A”. 

Dilla Day in the A always draws a big crowd!

“‘Dilla Day In The A’ is a celebration that is designed to showcase the cultural side of Hip Hop and to draw attention to the J. Dilla Project and the work being done to support Lupus research.


Some of the participants in Dilla Day in the A walking to support Lupus Research













Taking place annually in Atlanta, “Dilla Day In The A” kicks off with participants taking part in Atlanta’s Lupus Walk.  The walk will then be followed by a BBQ, Dilla’s Dream Camp (a set of workshops for children under 16), and an artist showcase that has featured performances from Illa J, Boog Brown, 4-Ize, Senor Kaos and more.  These events have raised awareness within the Atlanta community about J Dilla’s impact on Hip-Hop music and allowed us to make considerable donations to support Lupus research.

A Journey to Dilla’s Home

This year, we would like to enlarge the reach of our efforts to support Lupus research and honor J Dilla’s legacy on a broader scale.   I plan to travel to Detroit with recording artists Abyss, Boog Brown, and DJ Majestik to participate in Dilla Day in Detroit.  While in Detroit we will be participating in a community service activity with the J Dilla Foundation, as well as documenting our trip through videos and social media so that we can share the experience with supporters worldwide.  The goal is twofold.  First, we hope to serve as ambassadors of the Atlanta hip-hop community for this monumentous event, bringing demonstrable support and love from Atlanta to Detroit to fellowship and honor Dilla’s legacy.  Second, we would like to help others who are also fans, admirers, and supporters of J Dilla’s legacy and the work of the J Dilla Foundation to raise money and awareness about Lupus and Lupus research to experience this great event.  By sharing our experiences with the world via social media, we hope to allow Dilla-addicts all over the world to feel like they have taken part in the celebration and community service events and inspire even more to create their own ways to honor his legacy.


The 7th annual Dilla Day in Detroit will take place on Saturday, February 9th in Detroit, Michigan.  The premier event of Dilla Day Detroit will be a concert celebrating the life of J Dilla at the Fillmore Theater featuring: Talib Kweli and Royce Da 5’9. Other performers include: Miguel Atwood-Ferguson’s ensemble, Frank N Dank, Illa J., B. Williams Experiment, DJ Spinna, DJ Sicari, Clear Soul Forces, and DJ House Shoes.  The show commemorates the death of rapper Jay Dewitt Yancey, who was 32 when he died from lupus and an incurable blood disease.  He was known by the name Jay Dee and J Dilla to fans of his music around the world.

Click here to read J Dilla’s Biography

How will your Journey for J Dilla benefit the community?

This Journey for J Dilla will positively impact both the Atlanta and Detroit communities because it will provide an opportunity for some of Atlanta’s most dedicated artists and media personalities to return home or visit Detroit and participate in a meaningful way in events highlighting the positive impact that a talented person can have on this world.  The attendees will gain a deeper appreciation for the role of the artist needs to play in the community and practical experience manifesting that role through community service projects that will benefit Detroit, Dilla’s hometown.

Dilla Day in Detroit will likely go down in history as one of the most spiritual experiences in Hip-Hop, and it is important that Atlanta artists participate in this event and share the experiences with the world.  Just as DILLA inspired numerous people across the globe, the artists that will participate in this Journey have accepted the responsibility to inspire others  in their daily walks and through the Art they create. We believe that this experience is bound to inspire them in ways that will ultimately change the world.

Why should people give to your campaign?

Give to this Seed of Change because you want to support J Dilla’s legacy.  Give because you want to encourage a deeper, more impactful Hip-Hop and Soul community here in Atlanta.  Give to bring some artist’s dreams to reality.  Give because you want to help improve Detroit and Atlanta through community service.  Give because you want to help create the community we need to support the next J Dilla.  We need your support!

Langston Hughes once said “The written word is the only record we will have of this our present, or our past, to leave behind for future generations. It would be a shame if that written word in its creative form were to consist largely of defeat and death”.

Your donations will make it possible for us to tell the story of Detroit in a way that needs to be heard.  Thank you in advance.

Seed Information



Do you have a question about this Seed?  Please contact iammsdia@yahoo.com


Thank you to everyone who supported us.  W wre able to travel to Detroit and participate in the Dilla Day  Detroit activities.  Your help got us there.  Stay tuned for pictures and other updates!