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Thank you for your interest in Hammonds House Museum.  This campaign has concluded, but your support is still needed.  To learn about opportunities to give to the Hammonds House, please call (404) 612-0500.



Hammonds House Museum

Support our Digital Migration to the Next Generation

Hammonds House Museum

For almost 25 years, Hammonds House Museum has been a mecca for people in the Atlanta community and beyond seeking inspiration, interaction, and intellectual stimulation centered on art of the African Diaspora. Now, on the brink of the museum’s silver anniversary, we have launched a campaign to make our permanent collection, exhibitions, special programming, and publications more accessible to the public at large. By revamping the museum’s website and digitizing its extensive collection of print, audio, and visual materials, we will be able to offer art aficionados from around the corner and around the world with a deeper, more comprehensive experience. Your financial gift makes this “digital migration” possible and positions Hammonds House Museum as a leader in the next iteration of museum technology as well as for future generations of art lovers.



A Cultural Mecca in Transition

Thousands of visitors enter the welcoming doors of the Hammonds House Museum each year. Join us!

Hammonds House Museum was established in 1988 as the only private museum in the Southeast dedicated to the collection, preservation, and exhibition of visual art by artists of African descent. The museum is widely respected for presenting thoughtfully curated exhibitions of exceptional art and is a vital part of Atlanta’s cultural landscape.

In recent years, the museum has been hit hard by downturns in the national economy and related reductions in arts funding and patron giving. One way that we are dealing with the formidable challenges that these cuts have created is to focus on our vision for the future. That vision is centered on an ambitious goal – to make Hammonds House Museum a major online source for content on African American art globally. Digitizing our extensive collection of resource materials and revamping our website to accommodate access to these materials will broaden the museum’s constituency and, in turn, its network of support. The specific objectives of the Next Generation campaign are to:


  • Create a digital catalog of the items in the museum’s permanent collection
  • Revamp the museum’s website to make it more interactive and content rich
  • Acquire electronic assets and online resources to facilitate the sharing and cataloging of museum programming
  • Upgrade technology to improve the in-gallery experience for visitors
  • Develop and implement a sustainability plan for the museum that leverages technology to reduce the carbon footprint of the museum
  • Create online technology tools for educators that utilize the museum’s permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, and related programming
  • Introduce exciting new opportunities for programming that incorporates digital resources and for visitors to share user-generated content in order to enhance the museum’s prominence and attractiveness.


The Seed of Change: The Next Generation

Hammonds House Museum is a fine arts museum whose mission is to preserve, showcase, and increase public awareness about the contributions of visual artists of African decent to world culture

The “digital migration” of Hammonds House Museum will place it at the vanguard of the movement to make important cultural resources more accessible to and interactive for art enthusiasts and educators around the world. It will transform the museum from a local gathering place to a global site of cultural enrichment, art appreciation, and discussion on topics of importance to the African Diaspora and the broader art world. The museum will be able to share the beauty of its permanent collection with art lovers around the globe and stream educational programming into schools for e-question-and-answer sessions with artists. Patrons visiting the museum will be able to use the technology to enhance their experience, plugging into information that gives context for the artwork and using social media to share their “real time” experience with others.





Why Give Now?

There’s always something interesting going on at the Hammonds House Museum.

Immersing Hammonds House Museum more solidly into the digital era will expand not only the ways in which the public can interact with the museum, but also the ways in which the museum defines its role in the world community. Your donation demonstrates your appreciation of the contributions that artists of African descent have made to world culture. It also proves that you understand how important it is to preserve this legacy and to pass it along to generations to come. This journey will be amazing. We invite you to share it with us.








Acknowledgement of Children in Video

A heartfelt “thank you” to the talented young stars from our West End community who made our video so special!


Give now, give generously, give frequently, and encourage others to contribute!


Thank you for consideration and support.
We are honored to be a cherished resource in our community.

503 Peeples Street
Atlanta, GA 30310
(404) 612-5000




Seed Information


Check back soon for Seed related highlights.


How do I pledge?

To make a pledge, just click on the green “Pledge” button on the page.  You will be asked to register and create a “Grower” account with your contact information.  You will be directed to PayPal to process the donation.  If you do not have a PayPal account, you will simply be instructed to enter your credit card number.  PayPal is one of the most trusted payment processors.



When will the rewards be delivered?

Donors will receive rewards within 7-10 days of making a pledge. For donations of $500, donors will be contacted again in January 2013 to make arrangements for exclusive reception.



When does the Raise It Up fundraising campaign end?

Fundraising campaign runs October 15 – December 31, 2012, however donations are needed now.  By making a generous gift to Hammonds House Museum now, we hope will compel others to join you. Don’t wait, give today!



Will all donations go to Hammonds House Museum?

Other than a minimal administration fee for this online fundraising campaign, all donations will go directly to Hammonds House Museum.



I haven’t gotten my reward yet.  What do I do?

Supporting an online fundraising campaign is different than simply ordering a product online.  Unless you are notified in advance, Hammonds House Museum will process all rewards within 10 days of receipt of your pledge.  If you wish to send a direct message regarding an update, please email membership@hammondshouse.org.


Our Current Exhibit:

Rob Simmons: Southern State

September 9 – November 18, 2012