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  • Vaunghn Saber
  • duane mcdonnaugh-reece
  • Tajhiek Baoll
  • Nuri Icgoren
  • Sydney Rosenthal
  • Keisha Miller
  • Yusuf Muhammad
  • Saira Raza
  • Emile Foncha
  • Khalil Umrani

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We are Alive & Well!

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Last year, we shared the fruits of our divinely inspired sonic union with the world when our group, Alive & Well, released The Offering into the universe.  The fire has not gone out since.  Before we came together, we shared mutual respect for each other’s craft, unique brand of cool, and visionary perspective.  But only when we were able to see the fruits of our collective effort did we truly understand the divine mathematics that would result.  When two dope emcee/warriors join forces to shake up the staid music status quo and bring honest truth to the world, an army of 10,000 wack record execs cannot stop them.  The Offering gave just a taste of what Alive & Well is about, but now, god-willing, we are preparing to infuse you all with our second LP, and it only seems right that we tap the awesome power within the people to bring it to fruition.  Somebody’s got to do it!

To Whet your appetite for The Blessing, check out our Free Love EP, which you can download here only. Its free! 


The Blessing

The Blessing will have the same cool, fly, grounded, proactive, exciting, insightful, and classic feel as The Offering, but this time we will bring more tools out of our kits to bless you with.  This album will touch on universal themes such as Love, Light, Prosperity and Power, so prepare to be inspired, educated, and challenged. To amplify our rhymes, we have enlisted the help of a potent crew of producers including Illastrate, Amdex of Clan Destined, Tony Baines, Leo Goetz, and a few others still being chosen.  We are also producing some of the tracks ourselves. It is shaping up to be beautiful and fierce at once.  Because we complement each other like no other, we pray that through this album, it will be clear to all that Alive & Well is a movement, brand and affirmation.  We are an invincible fortress. Period.


The Gift That Will Give Back

Fan support means everything to Alive & Well. Of course we create this music for ourselves and prosperity, but at the same time we are the people.  We rep for the people in all that we do. We respect our fans and always strive to give them what they deserve. You are the very best and because of that,  we meet you where you are and help escort you to where you are destined to be.  Let’s get it!

Growing this project with a pledge will allow you to co-invest in our music and our message.  We will use the funds raised here to pay for the recording, mixing, mastering, CD production and associated costs of making The Blessing a reality. You will also be able to follow the evolution of the project and offer input as we bring the Love, Light, Prosperity and Power of The Blessing to the community.

Thank you all for supporting Alive & Well and taking this journey with us to turn The Offering into The Blessing. Much Love.


Who We Are

Alive & Well is motivated by all things alive and well in the universe. We are motivated by life, good music, ancestors and the forces of nature.

Alive & Well is comprised of mikeflo of The RBG Family  and EKUNDAYO of THE LIUNS DEN.  Both are a part of A.N.D.C (All Nice And Decent Crew) that developed from the growth of THE LIUNS DEN.  mikeflo & EKUNDAYO joined forces two years ago to forge steel and become a powerful force, thus strengthening and helping to balance the same Hip-hop culture that raised them.  The two were friends and collaborators on many levels for years before the inception of Alive & Well.

mikeflo aka. LookAlive of Alive & Well is truly a live wire and not to be played with. period. Straight-ahead in style, poignant in lyricism, precise and exact. The fly guy. The visionary. The foundation of the fortress. He paints primary colors for foundations.

EKUNDAYO aka WellBeing of Alive & Well embodies the combination of electricity and the white cloth. Also not to be played with. Lyrical dexterity, grounded, humble, fly, fun, crafty and serious. The fly and colorful furniture, batiks and drapery for the fortress. The artisan. Also ultra precise and exact, he paints abstracts and supreme color blends.


Alive & Well (mikeflo & EKUNDAYO) – FReE uP by mikefloRBG

1-09 Afrika (Sol Messiah Exclusive) Featuring staHHr. Sa-Roc & Skipp Coon by ALIVE & WELL

1-07 Alive & Well by ALIVE & WELL

1-04 Field Niggas Featuring Princeton Parks by ALIVE & WELL


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