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“Our Mission is to revitalize abandoned and underutilized land into a thriving urban farm in Southwest Atlanta, Georgia.”

Urban Sprout Farms at Work

The Mission

We are a biodynamic urban farm currently engaged in compost production and distributing our naturally grown produce in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia. Our mission is to revitalize abandoned and underutilized land in our community into a thriving ecosystem that will harvest rainwater, grow nutrient dense food and provide food security to the local community.

We have decided to take urban farming to the next level, implementing a flagship design project that will be a model for redeveloping Emerging Communities of Change across the globe into a self-sustaining local economy grounded in urban biodynamic agriculture.

The Project

Our plot is located in the Polar Rock Community of Southwest Atlanta.  We are currently operating a one acre large scale composting operation redirecting over 10 tons of organic material from going into landfills every month. In addition, we have begun Vermiculture and Mycoculture operations with an aim to build more nutrient rich soil, remediate the land with beneficial mycorrhizal fungi and worm castings.

Our first initiative on Raise it Up is our site development project. This phase will take approximately 45 days to complete and will involve deconstructing nine structures from the former Cotillion Hotel, regenerating the land below and preparing the site for our community action and design project.

We require funding to cover the costs of the following:

Deconstruction Permits, inspections and Fees

Removal of Debris

Equipment Rental

Labor Hire
Unlike conventional demolitions where they tear everything down and take everything to the landfill, we will be taking the structures down from the roof to the footings. This will require a targeted deconstruction team to make this efficient and effective.

Our goal is to repurpose the majority of the deconstructed material for sculptures, raised beds, walkways, wall footings for the living wall and fill for the creek and pond catchment systems. Each brick and concrete slab will be repurposed.  We want to send as little of the building to the landfill as possible.

Our project will focus on what’s important for the environment first; the removal of the blighted structures. This enables the cultivation of the land which puts people back to work and teaches them the skills required for self-sustainable living.


The Results

Together we will redevelop this site to create jobs for the community, engage in local beautification projects and conduct garden building workshops, farmer’s markets and produce nutrient dense fruit, vegetables and herbs for the community. We will help to develop a cohesive sustainable neighborhood that can create its own local source economy. This will bolster the urban agriculture in our emerging community and begin to eliminate the food deserts in Southwest Atlanta. Once this project is funded and thriving the community will no longer have to struggle to survive, they will have purpose to live and thrive!

Thank you for your support.  We need your help to grow our movement and each donation or sharing of this project with your network is much appreciated.

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