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A project by Fabian Williams – Occasional Superstar


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Cast Your Vote and Support the World Wide Art Federation’s The Election


Scene from a WWAF Art Battle. Photo by Joeff Davis.



ATLANTA, GA – September 27, 2012:  The Goat Farm Arts Center proudly presents the World Wide Art Federation’s “The Election of its First President” October 17th, 2012 in the Goodson Yard Performance Hall.  Occurring on the same date will be the WWAF’s Cheat Piece Art Show and The Great Debate Town Hall.

On November 6, 2012, Americans from all walks of life will show up at polling locations across this nation to cast their vote in the presidential election.  Unbeknownst to most of them, this will be an exercise in futility, because the winner will have already been selected, and it won’t be Barack O’Drama or Shifty Mitty.  Conspiracy theorists have long claimed that there is a secret society of powerful partisans that dictates electoral results, but even the most illuminati-infatuated crazy could never have fathomed who really holds the cards in 2012.  You see, this year, the Commander-in-Chief will be selected through a process actually designed to pick the person most qualified to steer this country away from the infighting, doom, and destruction currently giving us a collective buzz kill.  That process is a World Wide Art Federation Art Battle Royale, and the winner will be the baddest, insult-hurling, most drawing and swag-surfing artist in Atlanta and it all happens on October 17th, 2012.  There will be stump speeches, positive and shady campaign commercials from each side, even their own Super PACs.


The election of the first president of The WWAF is important because that will determine where art will go in the WWAF and well, the world. We know the influence that this powerful organization holds and we want the public involved. Come be a part of the political games and cast your vote.  Your voice matters, kinda.

Are you a conservative Reneissancecan or forward thinking Contemporaricrat or maybe you’re the street art third party, Urbatarian? Whatever you’re taste, this is all you get to choose from. Suck it up.


  Occasional Superstar

Fabian Williams



Lady Lux

Jessica Scott-Felder



  Golden Child

Shawn Knight



Faa Fatale

Faatimah Stevens

About The World Wide Art Federation:

Since November 2009, the World Wide Art Federation has introduced thousands of voyeurs to a cunning, crazy, and cool mash-up of art, hip-hop, and WWF wrestling known as Art Battles. WWAF events are a hybrid art experience that showcase a diverse group of artist contestants and fuse demonstrated fine art skills with a contemporary arts appeal.  They incorporate themes, Broadway-styled production and performance art. These events are full on multimedia productions in which artists must call on their full panoply of skills- visionary powers, technique, street smarts, diss-ability, braggadocio, and shameless self-promotion- to emerge victorious.  WWAF Art Battles are like taking the skill of famed art instructor and celebrity Bob Ross and mixing it with the swagger of cult favorite personality and American icons like Ric Flair or Hulk Hogan.  Nowhere else can you catch a famed artist in costume, disrespecting an unknown upstart and creating a masterpiece on the spot in the midst of a super-hype crowd of beautiful people.  It’s an experience not to be missed.



The Election Needs You!

Just as this year’s presidential election appears to be a cross roads in American history, the WWAF: The Election party will hopefully be a game changer for this inspired enterprise.  This will be the first WWAF event actually designed to shift the way our guests view themselves as political actors within this world and to empower them to make thoughtful decisions about political issues.  We want to use satire, wit and parody to pull the curtain back on the insanity which is money and politics in America.  To make this vision a reality, I will need to involve more people, purchase better equipment, props and costumes, host satellite “mini-battles” in preparation for the final campaign showdown, and have the event at a larger space suitable for a real political campaign rally.  All of this will require more money, and that is why, my friends, I need your donations, attendance, and support.

Don’t Sit On the Sidelines!

Your donations will help me to keep the WWAF operational and share the gift of interactive and thought-provoking art with more people than ever.  Eventually, I would like to take this show on the road and tour to other cities around the world, but I have to generate more money and interest in these events to do this.  If you care about art, promoting cool things, or endowing everyday ingenuity, then you should support this campaign.

To entice you to give and in the spirit of the world of political quid pro quo, I have offered some amazing prizes which are detailed to the right.  I really hope that you will come out to participate in The Election and bring a friend.

Thank you for your donations and support.

The Top Candidate:

I am Fabian Williams, and I am an artist. Not only that but I am founder of the WWAF.  I began the WWAF to liberate art from the stuffy gallery scene and bring it directly to the people, who I need to jazz up their life and expand their worldview by viewing art as more than something which hangs in exclusive spaces, but as a lived experience in which mind expansion and creativity envelop your soul.  With each WWAF experience, I have been able to reach an awesome cross section of the creative community and help my fellow artists gain exposure and interactivity with their audience in a novel way.  I have also had an amazing time vibing off of the energy of the crowd.  Now, I am planning an event that will be larger, more involved, and more meaningful than ever, and I need your support to keep the WWAF rocking and stop the wheels from falling off this creative train.



Seed Information


Details on the Event


  • WHERE: The Goat Farm Arts Center, Goodson Yard Performance Hall, 1200 Foster St, Atlanta, GA

  • WHEN: October 17th, 2012, Times: 8pm show starts at 9pm

  • PRICE: $5 for students; $20 at the door (includes purchase of shirt); or $10 at the door, $5 if you are wearing an Occasional Superstar or WWAF shirt


Who is Fabian Williams?

Artist Fabian Williams was born in the turbulent military town of Fayetteville, North Carolina in 1975. He studied illustration at East Carolina University and moved to Atlanta in…. Watching his uncle sketch human figures in a worn wired notebook began Fabian’s inspired journey into the art world. His uncle’s ability to transform the natural world into a flattened image appeared magical to the young artist.   Highly observant, Fabian contends his work is “about what I observe and what I perceive,” and his observations of popular culture and the ways in which it can both reshape and reinforce beliefs are at the center of his work. Fabian is most recognized in Atlanta, receiving a “Best Of City” nod from Creative Loafing, for his art battle–a performance piece that includes fine art competition known as the World Wide Art Federation. His mix of wrestling kitsch and hip hop bravado and the other artist-participants’ creation of their own mythical nom de plumes–including pimps, superheroes, and sexy villainesses–have distinguished Fabian’s art battles from similar art exhibitions by engaging the audience in much richer ways.   Fabian also perceives a contemporary Black life that is unencumbered by tired tropes of black suffering and exoticism: “I’m not so much concerned about what has happened in the past as it pertains to race but what is happening with me and people like me” as a result of that past.  Fabian states “I study social and political structures and how they affect me and others through my art.” To Fabian an intentionally depoliticized image is inherently political. Moving into much more overtly political terrain, his latest installation, Con-Trap-tion, depicts a Rube Goldberg Machine, a deliberately over-engineered machine that performs a very simple task in a very complex fashion. Rather than inventing an overly complex machine to burn toast, Williams’ invention uses metaphorical wheels and pulleys to transform a black male infant into a social miscreant. 

upcoming work:

More art battles from The World Wide Art Federation: The Election – Next
Goin’ HAM At The High: High Museum – Coming Soon
Artegeddon Coming Soon
Hell Up In Hotlanta 2 Hell 2 The Queen: Charlotte Vs Atlanta
Nightmare In New York: Atlanta VS New York at Pratt Institute
Minstrel Hop: Artwork concerning repetitive minstrel images in pop hip hop, television and movies. Best Art Event Atlanta Creative Loafing


When will rewards be delivered? Estimated delivery date is October – December 2012. Where will the money go?In the interest of full transparency, here is how we will spend the money received from this fundraising campaign. WWAF will use the money to:

  1. Pay the artists that work in these shows. They put a lot of their personal time into coming up with the characters and painting the art work. There’s a ton of preparation that goes into these shows and I would sleep better knowing that their hard work is compensated with well, money.
  2. Costumes and set pieces.  So we don’t have a huge amount of resources for props. We want to take the presentation way higher. We would like the art of the costumes to be as much a part of the show as the art work that’s created.
  3. Purchase video equipment. If you don’t know, you will soon know that the art battle uses video heavily in both is promotion and show production. Naturally to keep cost down in producing so much video, we would like to have access to our own equipment. We’re not talking about creating a studio here but we would like to document the process of our shows and also have equipment handy when we’re making commercials or promo spots.
  4. We want to take this show on the road. We would like to procure venues and attract artists in other cities not just in America but around the world. We want cities challenging other cities. Atlanta vs New York, New York vs Los Angeles, Los Angeles vs Miami, Miami vs Paris, Paris vs London, London vs Sydney, Sydney vs Hong Kong, Hong vs Cape Town, Cape Town vs Moscow and so on. We literally want to make this The World Wide Art Federation.