Yamin Semali’s Debut LP

A project by Yamin Semail


  • Courtney Blood
  • Jasmine Butler
  • T Taylor
  • Jamal Hayes
  • Ashley Adams
  • Joseph Dunlap

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Support Quality Hip-Hop Engineered by Yamin Semali


Most people use the word “current” as a descriptive term for what exists at a given time, as in the current trend, sound or style.  To me, “current” is less frequently an adjective and more a noun, a forceful wave which moves along, making an impact through the power of its flow.  I guess that’s what happens when you take a hip-hop artist, give him an education in electrical engineering, and sprinkle his life with enough samples of powerful impulses and epic events to fill seven ancient scrolls.  Music has been the strongest current in my life, an awesome force that has magnetically attracted many others to me, the energy source which has flowed through me and driven me to excel at what I do, and that omnipresent spark to set my own trends, and never be a slave to what’s popular.  You can check my solo catalog here and some of my tunes below.
I am here asking for you to join forces with me to help me produce a surge for my debut self-titled album, YAMIN.

Let’s Promote Quality Hip-Hop – Starting with My Album

The surge will consist of producing and marketing a second run of CDs, distributing a portion of these CDs to DJs and bloggers, and sending me on tour dates  starting with SXSW and continuing on which will enable me to get my music into wider circulation and continue to the progression of my craft.  I’ve been doing things DIY since before the term was coined, and I have bootstrapped the entire production, recording, first CD press, and all of the promotions and touring I have done to date.  With limited outreach and a more limited budget, my first CD run is all SOLD OUT, and my videos and singles have been featured prominently all over the internet.  This project contains my most personal reflections and is a true peek into my unique approach to music, so I am happy it’s gone well so far.  But I am not done yet.  At this juncture, it is critical that I CONNECT with people like you because only you can infuse this album release with the wave of support it needs to reach more true hip-hop fans across the globe.

A scene from my video for Never Leave

Impact a talented artist’s career and help me to show other artists that you can always make a way, even when there is no clear path before you.  Give, and get your choice of great rewards offered up by yours truly.

Who am I?

If you don’t know me yet, I am Yamin Semali, aka AmDex.  I’m North Carolina born and Atlanta-raised.  I am most known as one half of Clan Destined, a pretty dope hip-hop group I formed with my brother DT.  Clan Destined fans know that I am an emcee, DJ, multi-instrumentalist, producer, and mastering maven.   I love to give fans electrifying live shows where I put all of these skills on display.  In landscape that has come to be Atlanta rap, I feel it is without question that Clan D represents the beacon of quality, head-banging, and thought-provoking hip-hop. Here is another taste of what I am about.

I’ve been transfixed with music since I was a shorty admiring my cousin’s records, DJ equipment, and car stereo system.  Hustle and ingenuity helped me get my first piece of equipment, a KORG Sampler ES1, and ultimately my love, the MPC that I have used to make songs for talented fellow artists like Stacy Epps, Boog Brown, and Sumkid Majere.  That is not my complete story though.  I’m also a serious reader, high school instructor, community volunteer, Guerilla Republik ambassador, and student almost finished with my degree in Electrical Engineering.  Clearly, I have a lot of outlets for my passions, but even someone on my own wavelength like me cannot ignore one basic fact- a current is nothing without a connection between a charge and a conductor.   This is why I am reaching out to you now.



Everyone says their album is a labor of love, but this one really is.  My engineering background and a strong perfectionist streak drove me to adjust and then readjust the album to enhance your listening experience and make it Cadillac fresh.  I handled most of the production on it myself, and was blessed with three tracks produced by Illastrate (“Are You Sure?” and “Life In Your Day”) and Ralo (“Sex Ed-it”).  I also shared the mic with DT of Clan Destined, Truth Be Cold, Blc Txt, Boog Brown, Gotta Be Karim, Chopp and John Robinson. The symphony of their contributions married well with me since these are all people I know and respect.  Yet, despite all the features, this is decidedly a personal album where you will learn where my head is right now.  I hesitate to describe my “style,” but I have been known to dwell in the zone where hip-hop fuses with soulful expressions and parlays with adept wordplay, rich harmony, and a complex, layered production style.  It’s current in every sense of the word.  YAMIN  is a sonic place where all of your senses are enlivened.  If you haven’t already, please check it out and spread the word. 

Thanks in Advance

Your support means a lot to me.  I vibe off of the energy I receive from people like you and the many examples I see of people cutting through the non-sense and living life on an independent frequency.  Your support will enable me to use my album to spread my music around the world, and in turn I hope you will be moved by the force of my flows.

Here is a link to my Soundcloud too. Check it out. Peace!

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