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We all want to be the change we want to see in the world.

Collectively, we have the power to change the landscape of our communities.


We are eager to educate you about Raise it Up and how we work.  For frequently asked questions, please read below.  If you have an additional question, please contact us.


What is Raise it Up?

On RaiseitUp.com, you can plant and cultivate Seeds of change.  Raise it Up is the world’s first online crowdfunding platform created for and by members of Emerging Communities of Change.   Raise it Up empowers you, your organization, group or small business to raise money, promote new initiatives, and gain valuable community co-investment for great ideas in a central location.  If you are serious about growing change in your community and facing a funding hurdle, Raise it Up enables you to move from conception to completion.   Likewise, if you want to support wonderful initiatives in your community, this is the place to be.

Raise it Up harnesses the power of collective action to generate organic community improvement, connecting change agents around the world to bring innovative ideas and needed resources together.  Raise it Up is a mecca for innovative ideas about how to proactively deliver needed improvements to Emerging Communities of Change and the people interested in supporting them.   On Raise it Up, you can learn about amazing new initiatives taking root throughout our communities and do something today to Grow Change.

In short, Raise it Up is an online fundraising website that helps people with visionary ideas that will improve the community to raise money and awareness to help them bring their ideas to fruition.  We offer a full service idea refinement and fundraising consulting service and make fundraising easy with the integration of simple sharing tools.  Raise it Up is the Location for Community Elevation.


What is an Emerging Community of Change?

Emerging Communities of Change are new or growing groups of people who are interested in effecting the same type of change in the world, such as improving a particular underdeveloped neighborhood, creating art which challenges people to explore new ideas, or pursuing locally-focused entrepreneurial pursuits which are environmentally and socially responsible.


What is a Seed?

A Seed of change is an approved idea for a new or improved initiative or project that can have a positive impact on, or is spearheaded by a member of, an Emerging Community of Change which will raise money on Raise it Up.  Each Seed has a unique composition of growth objectives, including raising a target amount of money, sweat equity and tangible community support and making a stated community impact.

Not every great idea is suitable to become a Seed on Raise it Up.  Our review of potential Seeds consists of a qualitative and quantitative assessment of the merits and potential for success and community impact of each submission.  We also conduct due diligence to confirm that Seed Generators and Seeds are trustworthy and can demonstrate a capability of bringing the Seed to fruition. Seeds must also conform to Raise it Up’s core values:

SustainabilityResponsiveness • Fairness • Transparency • Proactivity • Sensitivity to Total Community Impact


How is Raise it Up Different from other crowdfunding or online fundraising websites?

While there are many options for crowdfunding online today, Raise it Up is the only crowdfunding resource developed for and by members of Emerging Communities of Change.  Raise it Up is designed to bring change agents to a single location to commune and exchange mutual support along with feedback and status updates in a real community setting.  Raise it Up also distinguishes itself as the most supportive and educational crowdfunding platform by providing users with helpful resources and 1-to-1 coaching to develop, prep, improve and execute their Seed campaigns and to become more organized and effective at what they do.   Our services include creative direction, sourcing assistance, professional service referrals, promotional and online marketing guidance, budgetary planning, and risk management.  We believe in our projects and work around the clock to make sure they are a success.  We also care deeply for our donors, the Growers of our Seeds, so we work diligently with Seed Generators to help ensure rewards are delivered on time.

Lastly, Raise it Up is not limited to one particular type of project like some other websites. Our view is that our communities suffer from a diverse range of problems which can only be addressed by a broad array of solutions developed by community members themselves. As a result, we welcome individuals, organizations, artists, small businesses, and anyone else with visionary ideas which will improve our communities. Raise it Up is different by design. It is crowdfunding done for us, by us, and on our own terms.


Who can raise money on Raise it Up and what is a Seed Generator?

We welcome individuals, organizations, groups, artists, small businesses, and anyone else with visionary ideas which will improve our communities to submit their proposals to raise money on Raise it Up.  A Seed Generator is a person, group, organization or business which has been accepted to plant a Seed on Raise it Up.  They will be responsible for creating a fundraising page or Seed page for the Seed and leading the charge to raise money and awareness for the Seed.

Raise it Up is not an e-panhandling website, so we are only open to fundraising campaigns that are legitimate and likely to be successful and have a positive impact on our communities.  Our Seed Generators are everyday people just like you who are committed to joining the movement to Grow Change in the community and have developed a wonderful idea which just needs our Growers support to bring their initiatives to fruition.

We conduct due diligence on both our Seeds and the Seed Generators to protect against fraud and misuse of Raise it Up funds.


Why should I use Raise it Up to raise money for my idea?

There has and continues to be a gap in funding available to individuals, organizations and small businesses that are seeking to have a positive impact on Emerging Communities of Change.  Raise it Up funding is more accessible and makes more economic sense than other forms of financing, including bank loans, venture capital, and credit cards.  Instead of allowing some executive decide the fate of your idea, take your idea to the crowd (your fellow community members) and let the crowd decide whether your idea has merit or not.

Since the beginning of time, funding gaps have been overcome by the collective pooling of resources.  Raise it Up is a continuation of this collective action.  Raise it Up was founded by people who are passionate about changing the way that we look at our communities and how we can impact them.  We want to teach everyone that the ideas needed to improve our communities are already here, they just need to be assembled.  Our passion makes us uniquely suited to help you with your idea, because it drives us to make a personal investment in you and your idea and work tirelessly to Grow Change through your fundraising campaign.  We are the best fundraising partner for you precisely because we care more about your idea and its success than our competition.


Why should I give money to grow a Seed on Raise it Up?

There are a lot of reasons, but here are a few of our favorites:

Support the development of an organic movement to Grow Change in our Communities.  On Raise it Up we hope to foster a global movement to Grow Change in our communities, one Seed of change at a time.  As our Seeds grow fully funded and are enabled to positively impact their Emerging Communities of Change, more people will get off of the sidelines and realize that it is time to complete the idea they’ve been pondering for years. We believe that many of the problems facing our communities today can be solved by the community members themselves if they would only act. If you want to join this movement, the easiest way to do it is to make a donation and grow a Seed.


How much does Raise it Up cost?

It is free to join and setup a Seed of Change on Raise it Up.  Raise it Up receives a 5% commission on any money raised. In addition, our third party payment processor, takes an additional 3-5%. There are no upfront fees – we only make money when a campaign raises money.


Are payments through Raise it Up secure?

Yes! All payments are transmitted through a secure third party payment processor (Paypal) and are protected by SSL security. We don’t store your credit card information anywhere, and the Seed Generators raising money with us do not have access to your personal credit card information.


How do I contribute to a Seed on Raise it Up?

You can find lots of great Seeds of change on Raise it Up.  When you find one that interests you, you can give, or Grow, that Seed by in their campaign by choosing one of the provided rewards.


How and when does a Seed get funding?

Each campaign has a set end date and a funding goal. Campaigns will receive the amount of money raised excluding Raise it Up and payment processing fees after their campaign has ended and funds have cleared.  If a Seed hits the funding goal before time expires, the campaign stays open until the end.


When is my credit card charged?

Your credit card will be charged immediately after you authorized the charge.


When will I get my reward?

You should receive your reward at the time designated in the Details tab of the Seed page.  The Seed Generator will contact you directly to arrange delivery. Depending on the type of reward offered, some rewards may not be immediately available or may not be scheduled for some time after the completion of the campaign. If you encounter any problems with the delivery of your reward, please let us know by contacting us at info@raiseitup.com.


When I give to a project on Raise it Up am I making an investment?

You can’t earn interest on your Raise it Up contribution, nor do you get any kind of ownership stake in the projects, businesses or organizations that you choose to support.  You are making another type of investment though.  Each time you spend your money you are endowing the recipient with the investment of your support.  On Raise it Up, this support translates directly to an investment in the Emerging Community of Change the Seed will impact.


What happens if I never get my reward?

This has never happened on Raise it Up, but if you do encounter any problems obtaining your reward, you should contact us immediately and let us know. You can reach one of us at info@raiseitup.com and we’ll respond quickly.


How can I get my initiative or project on Raise it Up?

Just fill out this form and one of us will get in touch with you shortly.


How much can I raise on Raise it Up?

We do not accept fundraising campaigns aimed at raising less than $250, but there is no limit to how much you can raise here.  We work with each Seed Generator to develop a reasonable fundraising goal that takes into account the amount of money needed to complete their Seed, the community of givers (or Growers) they are likely to attract, and the amount of time they have to raise money.


I know a person that has a great idea that should be on Raise it Up. What can I do?

Please tell us about them and refer them to us!  We are always searching for great Seeds.  Please complete the Contact Us Submission form so we can reach out to them.


Where are you operating?

We are primarily operating in Detroit and Atlanta right now, but we can accept projects from across the nation.


Are donations on Raise it Up tax-deductible?

Most contributions are not tax-deductible.  Campaigns may offer tax deductions on contributions only if they are set up as a 501(c)(3) non-profit and follow applicable rules set up by the Internal Revenue Service.  For additional information regarding the tax deductibility of particular donations, we encourage you to contact a legal or tax advisor.

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