How to Make a Great Crowdfunding Pitch Video

A Crowdfunding Video Should be Engaging

Are you wondering how to make the best crowdfunding pitch video?  Well you have come to the right place.  A great crowdfunding pitch video will improve the likelhood of success for your campaign and create a sharable resource for your supporters to refer others too.

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Telling Your Story

Congratulations! You have made the decision to #GrowChange in your community with Raise it Up. We hope the process of preparing your Seed for launch on will be rewarding for you on at least two levels. First, the process of creating your written and video pitch should help you to grow more passionate about your Seed and second, all of your work in preparing the best Seed page you can create will increase the amount of money you ultimately raise on Raise it Up. Your Seed pitch video is the most important element of your Seed page and the feature most likely to convince a potential Grower, or donor, to open their wallet and give, so we thought we would give you some tips to use as you plan your Seed pitch video.

1. The first rule is to be yourself, and make sure that you personality shines through in your video.

A successful Seed pitch video is one that helps the viewer to know who you are and believe that you are an engaging person with a unique worldview that would be an awesome person to know. You can only do this by being yourself, your most compelling self that is.

One tip to ensure that you are being yourself it to be sure to briefly talk about something that has had a major impact on your life such as your hometown, your family, or an important life event. Because these are things that we tend to talk about a lot, we can be more comfortable letting our personality shine through when we are discussing these meaningful elements of our life.

2. Be sure to introduce yourself and let the audience know about the awesome things you have done in the past.

People will not give to strangers, so be sure to tell us who you are and, if you are a group or organization, what links your team together. An introduction is a gracious way to start any communication, and your Seed pitch is no different. Your introduction is the first thing your viewer will see, so be sure to make it engaging and genuine. Be sure to use a greeting that you would use in real life. Now is not the time to adopt a special tone or use fancy words not ordinarily found in your vocabulary.

3. Drink a beverage which gets you peppy before you film. It is important to convey excitement and passion about the project.

Everyone has a special elixir that gets them going. Whether it is coffee, wine, a special fruit juice combo, or Diet Coke, be sure to enjoy your beverage of choice before you film so you sound like you are in good spirits and your voice is smooth. Liquid courage is a must!

4. Sketch out what you are going to say, but don’t sound rehearsed.

It is important to think through and write out what you plan to say. Your script is the road map for your video. We think it is best to have bullet points that will walk you through your material, not a full blown script though. This gives you the opportunity to make an organized presentation and not miss anything that is key, but you will not be a slave to your notes.

5. When you are describing you Seed, imagine you are talking to a family member that has no idea what you do.

Pick a tone that works for you whether that is silly, urgent, serene, inspirational or educational. It is also important to think about your audience. We suggest that you condense our diverse audience into a single prototype: a family member that you are familiar with but has no idea what you are currently up to. When having a conversation to such a family member, you are likely more apt to be conversational, describe complex concepts in elemental steps, and work to get them excited about your concept. You will also instinctively want them to be proud of you. Remember, you are embarking upon an amazing project that will positively impact your community. Your audience should be proud of you, and your communication style should be metered to get your audience on your team, while reflecting your confidence.

6. Help people to understand the problem you are addressing and why they should care without lecturing them.

Raise it Up accepted your Seed because we believe your ability to positively address burdensome issues in your community with your Seed. Now, it is your obligation to draw attention to the issue you are addressing and make it real to people who view your video, even if they are entirely unfamiliar with it. We hope that our Seed Generators will offer their own unique perspective on the problems of our day, and we believe that potential Growers will look to our Seed projects to learn what they can do make a positive impact on the world. To achieve this, we need you to share what you think is wrong with the world in a way that will at least make others think, and, hopefully, help them to get active around your cause.

7. Minimize distractions.

Pay attention to your background, your wardrobe, background noise (including music), and hand gestures. Each of these things has the possibility to convert your video from a highly synchronous visual into a hot mess. Edit your surroundings, be sure to do test shots, and think about how you look and act will appear on camera. We hate to be superficial, but people are picky and judgmental, and you should want to present your best foot forward.


Remember, people want to see what you are talking about, not just hear about it


Show us what you are talking about. TV ads are better for commercials than radio ads because people want to have all of their senses tickled. Give them what they want. If you are an urban farmer, show us plants you have grown or the process of tilling land. If you are an artist, show us you studio space in the midst of your work and the majestic creations you have birthed through your artistic labor. If you are a small business, show us how you interact with customers and what special features you have added to your retail space. These special touches help us to understand how amazing you are without words and satisfy our voyeuristic predilections. With the proper images, you can transport viewers into a new place where their minds are more receptive to your message and funding request.

9. If it makes sense to make a portion of your Seed pitch video a visual demonstration of your unique Seed-related talent, go for it!

If there is a video that you have already had in the works and is well thought and perfect for driving traffic to your Seed page, by all means, use it! Just remember to add a portion to the beginning and end sharing the pertinent info about your campaign on Raise it Up.

10. End your message with a sincere thank you.

It is so important that you express sincere gratitude to your viewers. We are trying to build a community of visionaries and early adopters who are not afraid to take a step away from the white noise online to explore new ideas and perspectives on how our communities can improve. Even if they do not give on their initial visit, they may return to your page or share. Everyone’s time is precious, and we want to be sure to thank people for taking their time to explore your interests and hear your point of view.

11. Don’t forget to:

a. Smile;

b. Have passion;

c. Make eye contact with the camera;

d. Think virally (remember, we want your video to be shared by others);

e. Upload your video to YouTube;

f. Tell us where you are located;

g. Mention that you are offering rewards;

h. Enunciate;

i. Review your video with honest friends before submitting it;

j. Not let your video be the hurdle to launching your Seed (feel free to call us if your video is a obstacle to launching your seed (646) 39-RAISE!); and

k. Mention and your Seed (don’t forget, someone may see your video and not yet see your Seed page, so be sure to guide them to the right place)!


 You can download these tips here.

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